Accidents, repetitive actions and everyday stresses can cause problems that sometimes seem to take up permanent residence in our bodies. If tension, pain, or restricted movement keep you from living the life you want, massage can help. A gentle, effective therapy, massage can relieve pain and help heal certain conditions and prevent their return.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deep layers of msucles and connective tissue.

In Our Office

The licensed massage therapists in our office have extensive training that includes techinique, anatomy, physiology, and knowledge of when massage is and isn't appropriate. On your first visit, you will be asked to report any existing problem areas via a brief health questionnaire. With Dr. Gallo's guidance, we will determine the best approach to help you.

Massage Hours

Regular massage appointments can be made during the following hours:


Wednesday: 3:00pm-7:00pm

Thursday: 12:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am-1:00pm