Simple But Amazing Workout Moves That You Can Do At Home


Hitting the gym on a regular basis requires sheer discipline and determination. With long working hours in the office and in-between spontaneous family gatherings and errands to complete, squeezing in exercise in your routine may be a great challenge. But the lack of time going to the gym shouldn’t be an excuse to reach your fitness goals. Right in the comfort of your home, here are three exercises that you can include in your routine so you get toned in no time. These home fitness moves require no gym equipment, you just need to be in an open space where you can stretch fully without any obstructing furniture or distractions.

SUPERMAN. This exercise can be executed anywhere in your house with flat flooring. With or without a matt, lie on your stomach with legs outstretched and arms extended overhead, hence the name “superman” for this exercise. Lift both arms and legs few inches off the floor as if you are flying. Keep head aligned with spine and stay in this position briefly. In this routine, you back, butt, hips and shoulder will definitely get toned.

JUMPING SQUATS. No need for any special equipment, jumping squats combines strength training and cardio to strengthen your core and tone your glutes and lower legs. Start this exercise with a regular squat (feet apart and glutes lowered back and down) and arms extended forward. From this position, prepare to jump by driving arms up and jump in the air as high as you can. Land with your knees slightly bent and go back to squat position. Do as much as you can with this exercise within a minute.

YOGA. Not only does it strengthens core muscle and helps you gain flexibility, yoga can train you to improve your focus and balance. Many of the positions in yoga target major muscle groups, so an hour or less of yoga may be enough. Yoga poses that you can try out includes Forearm Plank (holding an upper push up position with forearms supporting your body weight for one to two minutes); Downward Facing Dog (an inverted V position, with arms and hands supporting your body) and; Child Pose or Balasana (assume a fetal position with body facing the floor and chest rested on knees).

There are several types of exercise you can do at home. Try to be creative by using things around your house; a gallon of water can replace dumbbells, a flight of stairs can serve as your treadmill and a towel is an alternative for resistance bands. Just make sure that for every exercise that you do, maintain proper breathing and posture to prevent injury.